Hi. I’m Desireé. I’m a writer, educator, and space creator.

Maybe you’ve been here, with me and my writing, since Tumblr.

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Maybe we once wrote together or currently write together.

Maybe we sat next to each other at a dive bar in Boston listening to poems or we met on your college campus.

However you got here, however long you stay, I’m so happy to have you.

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I’m Desireé, and I wrote Sink. I am Chahta, and an enrolled citizen of the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma and I am a poet and I am a teaching artist and I am a sister and I am an auntie and I am a comrade. I’ve been writing alone and with company since 2009, when I began reading my writing at poetry slams in South Louisiana. For a long time, I read my poems at open mics and in poetry slams and I placed in the top 3 poets at every major poetry slam in the United States (IWPS, NPS, and WOWPS). I coached some slam teams, I was on some slam teams, and I taught poetry in high school classrooms for over a decade. I dropped out of college to be the Artistic Director and Program Director for a youth spoken word nonprofit, and I left that work in 2021 to write and teach on my own full time. In 2016, I started a writing retreat and it changed my life and the way I understand the ecosystem of being a writer. I teach writing and facilitate community space for writers, and I am writing a memoir - which is the hardest thing I’ve ever done. I am the baby of my family. I am Chahta. I am an auntie. I’m grateful you’re here.

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Poet & memoirist, community educator, and space creator. Writing alone and with company since 2010.